The idea for this blog was probably conceived late one night after watching about 15 episodes of Deep Space 9 in a row. The thought, approximately, was that, "not enough people give serious props to DS9. And it deserves better. Someone should review every single episode."

The author has seen every episode of Star Trek at least once in his life, and will gladly do so again for you. The purpose? To weed out the good from the bad, and point out the excellent and the miserable. I will watch episodes like "The Naked Now" so you don't have to. And I will remind you, time and time again, that "In the Pale Moonlight" is probably the best episode of Star Trek ever.

But I'm not going to be biased. Star Trek is something to share, to discuss, and above all, to inspire humanity. That was Gene Roddenberry's vision; thusly, in my opinion, the finest episodes will be a mirror through which humanity can see itself.

About the Author

Benjamin is a life-long Star Trek fan. Literally - his first memory is his parents forcing him to remain awake long enough to watch the premiere of "Encounter at Farpoint". The idea of reviewing each episode of Star Trek comes from a combination of distaste for the way DS9 was treated when it came out (admittedly, by his own self) and reading Wil Wheaton's wonderful book Memories of the Future, Volume One (which he highly recommends to anyone who loves TNG). He can be followed on Twitter @VeritasKnight.

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